A trusted partner on your journey to a healthy, thriving life.  

I’m Dr. Katie, and here’s what I believe about health:

  • Your deserve healthcare that feels like a P A R T N E R S H I P.

  • Everything is connected. Every muscle, bone and nerve. Every thought, feeling and belief. We have to treat the body as a whole.

  • Together, we can restore your ability to heal yourself.

If you agree, I think you’re in the right place.

As your holistic physician, I work to bridge the gaps between the science and art of healthcare.

A little less “what does your chart say?” and a little more “what do you have to say?” I’m here to help you seek true wellbeing. The traditional medical model offers answers—but we have to make sure we’re asking the right questions, first.

From childhood through undergrad, I focused my after-school hours on the rigorous, beautiful study of dance. It helped me understand the amazing capabilities of the human body, the balance of fluidity and control, even as I struggled with my own body image and restrictions (still do!).

This is the approach I bring to holistic healthcare. Your physical pain opens a door into the body through which we can view not only the muscles and spine but the mind and spirit, too. So, my toolbox includes advanced training in intuitive adjustment techniques, CranioSacral therapy, and Functional Medicine, plus whole foods nutrition, yoga, primal movement, and mind-body medicine, too.

I celebrate the importance of collaborating with all healthcare disciplines; yet, I know that for many of us, healthcare is impersonal at best. Many of my patients come to me after poor experiences with other healthcare providers but leave with the understanding that treatments can be gentle, effective and empowering.

I’m so honored by their kind words:

“Chiropractic used to scare me, and I wouldn’t let anybody touch my neck. Dr. Katie uses such gentle techniques that once we built up some trust...I won’t let anybody else touch my neck but her!”

“I came to Katie at around 34 weeks pregnant after months of pain from symphysis pubis dysfunction. After treatment from another chiropractor with no results, I honestly wasn’t expecting to feel better. I can’t overstate the relief I felt after a few visits with her. She was patient, thorough, intuitive, and was able to hone in on exactly the places that needed healing. ”

“Thanks to Dr. Katie’s gentle care, I was actually able to enjoy the last weeks of pregnancy. I am so grateful to her for the love and care and incredible skill she puts into her practice.”

Celebrating the importance of collaborating with all healthcare disciplines, Dr. Katie is thrilled to work alongside your trusted healthcare team to support you.

Many of her patients are new to chiropractors or, come to her after having poor experiences with other chiropractors and leave pleasantly surprised that treatments can be so gentle yet effective. Dr. Katie will ensure that you are informed and empowered during each phase of care, only performing treatments that feel safe and healing to you. Be prepared to discuss the mind, body + spirit to help you reach your health goals. A positive attitude, open mind, and a big smile is encouraged!

When not at the clinic, this Midwest native with a Northwest soul can be found playing outside, eating guacamole, or adventuring with her sweet husband and puppy. 


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Raised in Chicagoland and now living in Portland, OR, I’m a Midwest Midwest native with a Northwest soul. I studied exercise physiology and dance performance at Western Michigan University and earned my Doctor of Chiropractic from University of Western States. When I’m not at the clinic, you’ll find me recording the Let’s Get Real podcast, playing outside, eating guacamole, or adventuring with my sweet husband, Pete, and puppy, Kaya.


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