Craniosacral Therapy

Also known as Cranial Osteopathy, Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is ideal for people of all ages, stages, and phases. Try this gentle, hands-on subtle approach to treat pain, stress, anxiety, physical or emotional trauma, chronic fatigue, hormone imbalance, PMS, sensory integration imbalances, hyperactivity, and so much more. Sensing and following the subtle rhythms throughout the body, we will work together to unwind and calm the nervous system. Using pressure *no heavier than a nickel*, we can facilitate the healing your body is ready to receive. 

Perfect for children with attention, learning, or sensory difficulties!

While Craniosacral Therapy addresses these issues and more, it is most effective as a tool to help you be proactive in your physical and emotional health. An excellent time for a visit is around any transition:

  • Women's cycles. Support the natural shifts in your life as a chance to reset and embrace change. 
  • Before or after a stressful event. Prepare your body, mind + spirit before the event or to optimize your recovery. 
  • Change. It's the spice of life, no? Schedule a session during summer, fall, winter + spring for basic coverage to manage life's adventures. 
  • Wellness Optimization. Schedule monthly for the optimal proactive approach. 

A built in 60-min meditation with amazing full body effects!

60 MINUTE sessions $80 • adult + children