21-Day W H O L E B O D Y Reset

21-Day W H O L E B O D Y Reset


Ready to stop letting sugar steer the ship? Start the year with a holistic detox to SUPERCHARGE your mind, body + spirit.

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I am a sugar addict.

While I eat healthy, exercise regularly and live a (mostly) balanced lifestyle, I know I’m not always in control. I’m SICK + TIRED of cravings, acne, low energy, bloating, brain fog + not feeling like my best self. I’m not me when sugar is running the show. How can we set + accomplish our innermost goals + desires if we’re running on junk fuel?

TOGETHER we will cleanse our minds + bodies and take control of our own life. After these 21 days, expect to feel reawakened, supercharged + closer to your truest self than you’ve been in a long time.

But does it work?

Don’t take my word for it…here is what folks said after completing the 21-Day W H O L E B O D Y Reset:

I had been contemplating giving up sugar to see how my body would react for moths, but did not have the will power to start it on my own. So glad Dr. Katie gave me the push I needed! Having a community of people doing it with me really helped keep me on track! I was also super surprised when our grocery bags looked very similar to when we were on the detox. Looks like we’re sticking to it! - Jamie S.

I didn’t realize how much sugar we eat! I'm much more mindful about the food I am putting in my body now. I learned some nice recipes and got in a good habit of meal prep. I feel like I can really stick with it now! - Melanie T.

I'm better at planning out my week of food and prepping in advance. It made shopping and the weekly prep much smoother. I had more energy, tried some more foods and it helped me have the energy to get to the gym. — Kristen R.

Before the detox, whenever I was feeling stressed or overwhelmed, I went straight for junk food or wine. Now, I'm able to pause and ask myself if that's something I really want and think more long term about how that food will make me feel. - Brenna D.

What it’s good for:

  • Fatigue + brain fog

  • painful menstrual cramps + hormone imbalances

  • mood swings + energy crashes

  • bloating + digestive issues

  • acne

  • uncontrollable cravings

  • taking control of your own wellbeing!!

  • and more...

What you get:

  • Step-by-step guide walking you through a safe, evidence-based sugar detox

  • Insider recipes, food prep ideas + grocery lists

  • Mind-body-spirit workbooks, quizzes, meditations + journal for holistic support

  • Daily email support + consultation w/ Dr. Katie

  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook tribe because WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.