I came to Katie at around 34 weeks pregnant after months of pain from symphysis pubis dysfunction. After treatment from another chiropractor with no results, I honestly wasn’t expecting to feel better. I can’t overstate the relief I felt after a few visits with her. She was patient, thorough, intuitive, and was able to hone in on exactly the places that needed healing.
— Sara S.

Thanks to Dr. Katie’s gentle care, I was actually able to enjoy the last weeks of pregnancy. I am so grateful to her for the love and care and incredible skill she puts into her practice.
— Erin B.

I was worried about my son and his sensory integration disorder. I didn’t know much about chiropractic or how it could help, but Dr. Katie walked me through every step. My son LOVES his visits with her, and we have seen great results so far.

Chiropractic used to scare me, and I wouldn’t let anybody touch my neck. Dr. Katie uses such gentle techniques that once we built up some trust...I won’t let anybody else touch my neck but her!